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Donna Jackson Ministries - Testimony


My Personal Testimony

Written by Donna Jackson       Donna Jackson Pic1

  I pray you will be encouraged as you read my testimony and know that God is with you through every storm.  I began singing at my Grandmother's church in Savannah, GA at the age of 5.  I'm so thankful, God has allowed me to sing for Him ever since. I'm honored to sing for my Lord and Savior! I was raised in a Christian home and I thank the Lord for saving my soul. Though I've fallen many times, the Lord has always been there to pick me up and draw me back to Himself. The Lord has brought me through many storms of sickness, abuse, financial ruin and divorce.  In 2000, after making my second album in Nashville, Tennessee, entitled, "Angel Near" (a song I wrote for my daughter Brooke), I noticed a growth on my right eye.  I went to the eye doctor and she told me I needed eye surgery immediately. She told me she felt I had a rare form of eye cancer. Of course, this was very scary to me.  From my understanding, she was one of the best eye doctors in the Savannah, GA area.  I followed her advice and God allowed me to go through the eye surgery, I know God was with me. Later, when the biopsy was performed, the growth on my eye was benign.  I know the Lord healed me, Praise the LORD!

  In 2008, another attack came. Now, the enemy tried to steal my voice. I began having problems talking and especially singing. In March 2008, I underwent surgery to have a large thyroid tumor removed that was pushing against my vocal chords. The test performed, showed the tumor was malignant, but after a biopsy was performed, the tumor was benign. I know the Lord healed me again. After all this was over, I thought I was "out of the woods" so to speak, but my voice began giving me even more trouble about 1 year later.  I later discovered, through my ENT that not only did I have a thyroid tumor, I also had 2 polyps, a cyst and a busted blood vessel on my vocal chords.   My doctor explained, I needed surgery right away due to the risk that the polyps could turn cancerous. He also explained this surgery could potentially mean the “end of singing”. After the doctor discovered this, he advised me to rest my vocal chords.

  However, I took this as the enemy trying to slow me down and I felt God didn't want this to happen.  I had a full schedule of Concerts, so I knew I had to move forward because God continued opening doors. God has taught me through the years to press on when the enemy attacks and JESUS will make a way!  With the Lord's help, I went through every door God opened and trusted Him to take care of my voice. I knew if Jesus wanted me in ministry, there was NO WAY the enemy could stop me. There were a lot of Christian folks and Churches praying for me.  I know PRAYER makes all the difference and I'm so thankful so many were praying.  On October 30, 2008, I asked my doctor take one more look at my vocal chords before scheduling my surgery.  When I prayed, I asked God to have His way and I knew I had to continue serving God, no matter what. But, I really felt the Lord would heal me and not allow me to lose my voice or allow my vocal chords to be damaged due to surgery. During my exam, the doctor looked "puzzled" and said, “Donna, you don't need surgery, your vocal chords look perfect now”. Once again, I know the Lord completely healed me. God is Awesome! The Lord placed it upon my heart to make another album, entitled, "Rescue Me". God has truly "Rescued Me"and I'm so thankful. The Lord is using 2 of the originals He gave me to be televised and heard on Christian Radio nationally.

  When God allows, I enjoy sharing my testimony of physical and emotional healing.  Always remember, "NO MATTER WHAT", the Lord is with us and All Things Are Possible through Jesus Christ our Lord! Thank you for taking the time to read my testimony.  I pray the LORD JESUS will bless you and use you mightily for HIS KINGDOM.


Your Friend in Christ,

Donna Jackson


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If you would like Donna to appear at your Christian oriented event and minister in song, please contact her. Donna finds great pleasure in ministering in song to others and sharing the good news of Christ Jesus, Our Lord and Savior.


Your donations and support makes the ministry possible.

Thanks, and God Bless!